Cialis vs Tadalafil

Cialis vs Tadalafil

Here we will answer all questions about the differences and similarities between Cialis vs Tadalafil and where to buy cheap generic cialis online… Let’s get started.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is the absolute number 1 and most powerful erection pill on the market today. Of course there is generic viagra, which is also a good pill, but cialis works 4x longer and therefore a true winner. Cialis is made with the active ingredient “tadalafil” or “tadalafil citrate” in the amount of 20mg found in Cialis (brand). It was introduced into the market by Eli Lilly many years ago. Currently after the patent expired, you can buy more affordable “generic cialis” which is a generic drug, much cheaper than the brand-name version.

What is Tadalafil?

Well if you read above, you already know it. But for those who didn’t Tadalafil is the active ingredient found in Cialis. And don’t take our word for it, checkout this wikipedia page about tadalafil. Thanks to this unique ingredient both Cialis and Generic Cialis treat erectile dysfunction for more than 36 hours! So during this time, you will easily get an erection when sexually aroused. Amazing isn’t it?

The downside of Cialis

So why are you reading our blog? Why you were searching google for the difference between cialis and tadalafil. Probably because of the following reasons:
1. You are shocked about the crazy high prices for Cialis, around 25-35 USD for 1 tablet.
2. You found out you need a prescription to get cialis or generic cialis at all. This means you need to visit your doctor and beg for it and in many cases he will not provide it and suggest to live with it or to go surgery.

The good news about Cialis

We know how you feel and we were in similar positions ourselves. An online pharmacy can offer you help in 2 ways! Firstly it will solve the price reason as at an online medstore you can purchase Generic Cialis for 1.5 USD and Cialis Brand for 6 USD per tablet. Secondly at many online pharmacies you will not need a prescription for cialis, which makes complete sense as it is a very safe and widely used impotence treatment for men around the world. Check out a blog which we found recently about Cialis prices, where they constantly compare prices for cialis and generic cialis from many sources, both online and offline.