What is Cialis?

What is Cialis?

Don’t know What is Cialis or you want to know more about Cialis? Read here all about Cialis and Generic Cialis to answer the question “What is Cialis”!

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Cialis is a medication (pill or oral jelly) for erectile dysfunction treatment (ED Treatment). Sometimes this is also called impotence treatment. ED is basically the inability by men to get an erection.

What is the difference between Cialis and Generic Cialis?

There is no difference. The only difference is the price! There is exact the same amount of Tadalafil in the generic version as well as the brand version of Cialis.

Is Cialis the best erection pill?

First of all.. Generic Cialis is the best erection pill, while it is the exact same pill, but then a much cheaper price! We can’t say it is the best, where other ed pills also work perfect. However Cialis is the ONLY impotence pill which works for 36 hours and therefore also called the “weekend pill“.